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INTERVIEW: A chat with Fatboy Slim ahead of Creamfields performance!

Hi Norman! How has your 2015 been so far?

Already shaping up nice for a classic year. We launched the Smile High Club on the Holy Ship cruise in Miami at the start of the year and haven’t looked back. Highlights have been Glastonbury sets, the Launch of Common People in Southampton and instigating the departure of Zayne from One Direction in Thailand. (he was leaving my gig when all the hoo ha started…)

You’ve been in the music game for a fairly long time now. What do you think keeps you so current and ahead of the competition?
I am first and foremost a lover of music so I spend half my week looking for new tunes and ideas on the internet, the joy of finding a gem and the desire to share it with everyone round the world is my main motivation and watching young people get high and dance keeps me inspired..

Smiles, the smiley, anything to do with smileyness… You’re there! Where did this concept start and how did it develop?
It started with a crazy night in Lanzarote where I took a trip to Smileyland which led to a tattoo and it’s kinda stuck as my meme ever since. It kinda sums me up, I think. Positive, kinda goofy, never in fashion but more importantly never out of it.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage? A lot of smiling perhaps…
I get into character by throwing off my shoes and donning the Hawaian shirt and then as I step out there my tour manager slaps me real hard round the face.

You’re playing at both Creamfields and Cream Ibiza this summer, how do you go about preparing for a festival set compared to a club set?
Club sets can go off at tangents but festival sets are route one straight to tits out banging fun!

This year Cream celebrates its 21st anniversary on the White Isle and takes its place as the longest running UK club night on the island and have been a regular over the years, what do you think the secret to their success is?
Being run by people who genuinely love the scene rather than motivated by money and sticking to their guns with no compromise.

How would you sum up Cream Ibiza?
Trance tinged Balearic hoe down.

When you’re not behind the decks in Ibiza, how will you be spending your time?
I always take my family out for two weeks in August to celebrate our wedding anniversary (we met in Ibiza 17 years ago) so I will be holed up in a villa in the hills playing happy families.

Do you have any favourite spots on the island? Any reccomendations of places to visit?
I love Hidden Bar in Cala St Vincent. The Fish Shack in Talamanca and my kids are big fans of Cala llonga.

If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would it be?
I always wanted to record a tune with Al Green. The sweetest voice in creation….

You’re back at Creamfields for another year! How does it feel to be playing at the festival again?

Its an honour to be invited straight back. Also inspired by the desire to do something a bit different and not repeating the main stage show we did last year….

Yeah, this year you’re hosting your own arena….

Yeah, im very excited to build a club within a festival rather than just brand up a tent. I cannot legally divulge any of the gags we are intending to do except we are going try and break the world record for a human smiley at midday on the Sunday.

Love it, who came up with that idea?
It came about by a stupid random thought trigger by a youtube someone sent me of a farmer herding his cows into a smiley.
It led to more youtubes and the Guinness world record attempt which seemed do-able.

Will you be getting Smiley?

I think I will be mainly herding but given half a chance I will step into it at the last moment…

How did you go about curating the line-up for your arena? 

Try to focus on the movers and shakers rather than just invite all my old mates (or perhaps a happy blend of both….?)

Creamfields is the original dance festival bigger than ever globally now, what do you think is the secret to its success?

It does what it says on the tin. It doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel, just provide consistent quality raving for the masses.

What advice would you give to any festival virgins out there?
Lose your cherry with style. Lie back, enjoy and think of England.

Will you get chance to check out any other artists whilst youre there?
Only if they are in the SHC. I will be there all day…

You’ve played festivals all around the world, how do a British crowd compare?
Generally more informed but drunker than most other countries (both of which are a delight for a DJ) I think their is definitely more warmth and recognition towards me because most people have kinda grown up knowing what I do

Finally, finish these sentences: Creamfields is…
Riddled with lunatics.

Fatboy Slim will be hosting the Smile High Club Arena at Creamfields on Sunday 30th August Bank Holiday weekend. He will also be performing at Cream’s closing party @ Amnesia in Ibiza on Thursday 17th September 2015. Info: