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INTERVIEW: Gig Pic chats to Philip George ahead of Creamfields Festival

Firstly thanks for joining us! We’re so excited to see you’re on the bill for Creamfields this year.

You began as a drum and bass artist so how hard was it to switch between genres?

Its weird switching from genre to genre as your learn every corner of that music. So i knew everything about drum and bass and nothing about house. Now its the other way around. Its definitely the best thing i could have done though, even though i still have a soft spot for drum and bass.

How did it feel when “Wish You Were Mine” became viral and the music you were producing started getting recognised and appreciated from so many people?

Unreal to be honest. When you are doing it for so long you start to lose hope. I guess i stopped caring and just started producing stuff out of fun instead of trying to push my music. that was when people started noticing it. I guess my mind was relaxed and fresh instead of forcing something out.

Wish You Were Mine samples one of Stevie Wonders hits, how does it feel to know he has listened to your music and knows who you are?

Very weird, such a legend that he is, the fact he has heard my track and know who i am is so mad. Such a massive fan of his work and his career is legendary.

As an app focussed on gigs and festivals we’re so excited to see you on the bill for Creamfields and Cream Amnesia, we can’t wait to see you there! Will you be sticking around and watching some of the other acts? If you are who are you excited to see play?

Of course i will be sticking around, I’m not one for gigging and then going home. This is how it started, raving and seeing my favourite acts, if i lose that who am i? Someone who’s in it for the money not the passion. I can’t wait for creamfields, hope to make the weekend out of it. I really want to see fatboy slim out of anyone. Iv never seen him before but I’m such a fan of his music.

Is there any venue or festival you’ve dreamed about playing?

Creamfeilds was up there but what can i say… Id love to play at ultra one day, definitely the cream of the crop.

Have you got any rituals that help you prepare before a gig?

Just relax and don’t think about my set to much i guess. The more i think about the set the more nerves kick in. Maybe have a rum and coke or a beer before hand with the friends. Thats so boring aint it. I need to do yoga or something haha

At Gig Pic we love to see festival goers having a good time, where has been the best place you have played so far and created the best atmosphere?

Definitely We Are Fstvl. The festival was great, and the crowd was even better. they reacted to everything i played. so many fist pumpers.

Where are you most excited to play this summer and why?

I was excited to play at cream in amensia, just because for me that was the big one. But iv already conquered that one, now i can’t wait to play there some more over the season. Everything over this summer is going to be great. Im excited for the whole thing.

You’re only 21 and already you’ve already reached number 2 in the charts and been in the top 5 for 4 weeks straight but what can we expect from you in the future?

Theres a whole bunch of new music im going showcasing soon so i can’t wait for that. I take every day as it comes, i don’t want to force anything out though. As long as everyday im gaining at least 1 fan, i’m happy i’m doing the right thing!

What other plans have you got for summer?

Just gigging really, maybe take a few moments to chill out to when im in places like ibiza ect. Can’t wait.

Check out the video to Wish You Were Mine below: