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INTERVIEW: We chat to MK backstage at Creamfields 2016!

We caught up with MK backstage at Creamfields before his set recently. We talk all things Creamfields; What makes it such a special festival and what his plans are for the next few months!


MK Thanks so much for joining Gig Pic backstage here at Creamfields. Are you looking forward to playing?

MK: Yeah yeah Ive been looking forward to playing Creamfields for months!

Thats awesome, It’s such a big festival now so we can see why you’re ready to get out on stage!

MK: Its Massive! The thing is.. its recorded so its online and people keep watching it over and over again so I always have to make it a really good show!

You have played Creamfields before so you know all about it, how many times is it now?

MK: Erm I think its my fourth time playing!

What do you think brings artists like yourself back to Creamfields year after year?

MK: Well the production is so well done and there’s some huge names playing. When you see some of these names playing then you want to play yourself! Calvin Harris is playing today which is huge and Diplo yesterday.

So other than Creamfields what else have you been up to?

MK: Just touring, I think in the last 30 days I’ve had 30 shows and I’ve counted and been like “How did that happen!” I think I need to be endorsed by an airline!!

Whats next after Creamfields?

MK: Im heading to Ibiza for Amnesia with Hannah Wants and Gorgan City. Then Im going home for a few days. A couple of days for me is like months! For you it probably just feels like a few days!

You have your own Arena at Creamfields, are you going to be hanging around to see the other acts playing?

MK: Yeah definitely! The way I do my stages is I book my favourite DJ’s so I like to hang out with them and sit on the stage while they play and stuff.

Other than the acts in your arena who else are you looking forward to seeing?

MK: Im going to go and see Calvin as I’ve only seen him once, I think the last time I talked to him was in Australia so I will be going and seeing him and say Hi.

After Creamfields are you back in the studio? More music on the way?

MK: Yeah I have some more stuff to finish off, a Rihanna remix to finish and some other stuff too so yeah!

MK thanks for your time and enjoy your set!

MK: Thanks for having me man!